Q: Why should I choose Shadowsocks over VPN?

Most VPN traffic have characteristic packages which can be identified and thus, they are not completely safe. This is especially risky for users in China. Shadowsocks, on the other hand, has proved itself to be a safer and faster protocol, which many users in China can testify.

Q: Which access-points should I use?

In most cases, choosing an access-point that is geographically closest to your location is the best. However, If your ISP is China Telecom, please select from those that have CN2 (ChinaNet Next Carrying Network) access.

Q: Which encryption ciphers do you support?

For now we support aes-128-cfb, chacha20, salsa20, chacha20-ietf, and chacha20-ietf-poly1305.

Q: Which cipher should I use?

Best compatibility can be achieved with aes-128-cfb. You will have no difficulty connecting to various clients on different platforms. If your client supports chacha20, we recommend using this instead. Although having comparable, if not better, security, chacha20 involves fewer computations. And thus, faster streaming.

Q: May I change plans?

In short, yes. If you decide to switch to another plan in the middle of a service month, we will immediately charge you a new month's fee, and update your usage quota to the new value. The amount you had paid for the reminder of current service month will be deducted from the next cycle's charge.

Q: Do I need to purchase every month?

When you purchase a subscription, we will deduct service fee from your credit card each month. You are free to cancel or upgrade your subscriptions at any time.

Q: Is my credit card information safe?

We use Stripe to process your payment. Your credit card information is stored by Stripe, not by us. Payments are as secure as Stripe, and there is no chance that we could leak this information to the outside world.

Q: Why can't I pay with Alipay?

As a Chinese company, Alibaba has to comply with government regulations and ad-hoc enquiries. So there is a chance that Alipay might be required to provide the government with your transaction history. Credit card transaction records, by contrast, are distributed and not as informative. Thus, credit cards are a far safer payment method for our customers.